About Me


Welcome home!

My name is Amy and I’m a lover of cocktails.  Couple that little quirk with a shiny new Thermomix and its a wonder I’m not drunk more often!

Yes, your Thermomix can make risotto or whizz up a dip in no time, but it has untapped potential as a bartender!

As a seasoned professional at party plan shopping, I only attend parties if I’m promised a bubbly beverage and a cheese platter. My first Thermomix demonstration offered up a wonderful spread of food to excite me but my glass of wine just didn’t cut it. Being the problem solver I am, I came up with a solution. “What if I mixed this wine with that delicious rockmelon sorbet?”  Needless to say, I bought my machine then and there and I’ve been a little tipsy ever since!

The fine print:

I practise responsible enjoyment of alcohol. I am not seeking to glorify nor condemn your individual drinking habits. I frequently take the piss out of myself and others and every so often I really do need a cocktail!

This is a safe place, you won’t be judged but you may need to exercise some limits eventually because I have an extensive repertoire of cocktails and well, operating heavy machinery can be dangerous when under the influence of alcohol. So drink in moderation, and stay classy!

Cocktails are not a new creation and I don’t take full responsibility for authoring those that appear here. I have converted these recipes for you to use as a quick reference for use in the Thermomix. Where ever possible the creator of the cocktail will be referenced.

This site, it’s content and associated social media links are not endorsed by Thermomix Australia or internationally.

I have no connections with any distillary , promoter or distributer of any alcohol brand but I could be persuaded if the price was right (read free)! From time to time, you may see specific products and brands endorsed by Thermomix Me A Drink Darling.  I’m very happy to collaborate, so if you know of anyone offering free booze samples, please let me know!

If you are under the age of 18 please turn away now and come and find us when you’re parents unblock the internet again at age 30!

You can find our social footprint in all the usual places.  Please use the icons above to jump to our social profiles.  You can share our posts, pictures and site information, but please acknowledge the source.

Now rinse off the fancy stemware, stock up on little umbrellas and get the girls back together for a frozen cocktail party that will likely end in a rendition of “Let it Go” you will not want posted to you tube!!!!