DIY Cocktail Sugar

Presentation is everything!  You’ve slaved away for minutes creating the perfect cocktail, don’t let it down with a sub par garnish.  Cocktail sugars are the perfect dose of colour and sparkle.  They jazz up the most boring of beverages and now you can make them yourself, with your Thermomix (of course).


The process is relatively easy once you have the general idea.  You can use your imagination and mix and match different colours and flavours.  The possibilities are endless, unlike the bar tab!


Here’s what you will need:



Makes 1 cup of cocktail sugar per colour

1 cup castor sugar (you can mill it in your thermomix but the colour doesn’t take as well)

Food colouring (I find chocolate powders to be more successful than liquids or gels, and less drying time is required)

Flavouring (oil based or water based)



Add your sugar to the TM bowl.

Start the mixer on speed 2 and gradually add your powdered colouring to the bowl until you’ve reached the desired colour.

Add a few drops of flavouring and continue to mix on speed 2 for about 30 seconds or until combined.

The sugar will be damp from the colouring, pour onto papertowel and allow to air dry for up to 1 hour.

Once dry to the touch, return to the TM bowl and turbo 1 sec to loosen the sugar crystals.

Store in airtight containers.


To rim your cocktail glass:

Place sugar in shallow bowl or plate.

Run a lemon wedge around the edge of your glass

Dip the wet edges in sugar until coated.  A little tap on the edge of your plate will remove any excess.


Use your imagination to create beautiful festive combinations.  And don’t be limited to just sugar, I’ve milled candy canes (although they do stay quite sticky).  The silver you can see in my pictures is actually milled Cachous (the little silver balls you use in cake decorating), just turbo until you get a fine grain and then mix with your coloured sugar for a nit of sparkle!

These go perfectly with your Christmas Hampers.  Packaged up with my customised labels and other great gift recipes, you can put together a Cocktail Hamper that beats any other Kris Kringle gift around the office Christmas tree!

I’ve put together a special package of FREE printables that you can download here and Have a Cocktail for Christmas!!






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