Thermomix Me A Drink for New Year’s Eve Darling

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, time to celebrate with a Cocktail Party.  Last year, we launched our first ever Facebook New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party.  This year, we don’t have any big NYE plans, but that won’t stop the cocktail action, even if I am in my pyjamas by 9pm.

You can head on over to Facebook and join our Event page here.

If you are planning a big NYE party or an intimate BBQ with friends, I will have a few great cocktails to help you ring in 2017. But lets get you started with my list of hints and tips for preparing your cocktail party basics

Plan a cocktail menu.

Probably the most crucial step.  You will need to have a think about what you want to be serving.  Maybe consider a theme and link all of your cocktails to it.  Like Disney or 1950’s Retro.  Once you have the menu decided, the rest of the steps are very straight forward.  Do a google search or check out Pinterest for inspiration and you will find all sorts of cocktails that work.

Heres a few suggestions to get you started:


Buy some booze

Now that you have that theme in mind, you will naturally need to visit the bottle shop.  Quality grog is a must if you want to impress your guests.  So go for something middle of the range, affordable with just a hint of battery acid! Check out all the specials and compare prices, you can pick up some fantastic bargains this time of year.  Head on over to our friends at and register with them for $20 off your first order.

Dont’ forget ice

Grab a bag or even 2 from your local servo.  Turn the freezer up to turbo and crank out your own production line and be sure to consider if your cocktails need anything else frozen ahead of time.  For example, my Sex on the Beach cocktail needs frozen peaches.  Nothing worse than a slushy with no slush!

Prepare your syrups

Even a simple syrup can lift a cocktail to another dimension.

Easy Simple Syrup Recipe:

Equal parts sugar to water

Heat on aroma temp, 10 minutes, speed 2.

There are lots of other variations depending on your cocktail menu.  You can find a few of my favourites here:

Ginger Honey & Vanilla Syrup

Strawberry Syrup

Blackcurrant and Blueberry Syrup

Lemonade Syrup

Decide on mixers

Mixers are anything non-alcoholic that you add to your cocktail.  Including soft drink, soda water, juice, even fruit pieces or cream.  Be sure to stock up on all the mixers your menu calls for.

Choose your stemware

A beautiful cocktail deserves a beautiful glass.  So dust off your best crystal (well maybe your 2nd best) and put a bit of class back into your evening.  If you just don’t trust your friends around the breakables though, then be sure to stock up on the finest plastic you can find.

Garnish with flair

This is where you can truly get creative.  Anything from sugar rimmed glasses to paper parasols.  Toothpicks and berries, mint sprigs and chocolate shavings.  Prepare it all ahead of time and you will have a collection of treats to turn your cocktails into art. More about creating your own cocktail sugars here.


And my last tip for your best ever cocktail party…… Set your thermomix up to do the work for you.  Pop all of your supplies right next to it and let your guests create there own cocktails.  Relax, your bar tender will do all of the work and entertain your guests too.  Thats what an expensive blender should do for you!!

Happy New Year to all.  Thanks for your support over 2016.








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