Champagne Floats

Flowers wilt and die eventually, the gift that keeps giving is the one you can drink!!  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Fancy up that glass of bubbles with a Champagne Float.  The perfect little garnish to declare your love (even if it is just for your cats!)

These little morsels and very simple.  Use any sort of berries you have lying around the bottom of your refrigerator.


1 punnet berries (i used Strawberries and Blackberries)

1 tsp sugar

Sparkling wine to top up.


Blitz your berries with sugar for 5-10 sec, on speed 5 (don’t turn them into mush)

Spoon into moulds and top off with sparkling wine.

Freeze overnight.

Add one or two to your favourite glass of bubbles and chink!


Stay Classy

Still thirsty?

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